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Brits to be given special 'freedom passes' to live normal life – if they have two Covid negative tests a WEEK

BRITS could be given special 'freedom passes' to allow them to live a relatively normal life- if they have two negative Covid tests in a week.

It's been claimed the proposed plan could be rolled out in the New Year in a bid to reopen society as soon as possible.

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The Telegraph reports under the plan, people could be given the special passes if they can prove they have been regularly tested.

Those who have been given the all clear would then be given an electronic document to show they have the freedom to roam.

A source said: "They will allow someone to wander down the streets, and if someone else asks why they are not wearing a mask, they can show the card, letter or an App."

The source added the passes- which could even be a QR code – would allow people "to see their family, and normal social distancing rules will not apply".

The ambitious proposal is said to have the backing of former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

He has already said he backs "offering people who comply with testing and isolation requirements a 'freedom pass' that removes the requirement to follow lockdown regulations".

And he has been urging the Government to give people a nudge to be tested by allowing them “to go out, shop and go to work” if given the all clear.

However, for the scheme to be a success, millions of tests will have to take place every day.

The hopeful news comes just five days after it was reported those who have had the vaccine may get special mobile phone QR codes to allow them access to major sporting events.

Government insiders say those who have been inoculated could be issued with some kind of digital proof showing they are immune from the virus.

That could allow them to attend football matches and cultural events currently out of bounds to large crowds.

However, it is reported Whitehall sources insist the controversial idea is still only at the discussion phase.

One minister highlighted the fact that a vaccination requirement for those wanting to attend the Tokyo Olympics had already been suggested.

"I think there are lots of people who think it is a logical extension and lots of people are interested in it," the minister added. 

"One way of opening up society would be those people who have had vaccinations carrying some kind of QR code or some sort of immunity certification which shows that they have been tested."

The plan has been drawn up by officials at the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport but has yet to be greenlighted by the government.



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