Yaya Mayweather Confirms She’s Fully Back Together With NBA Youngboy Amidst Pregnancy

Well, that settles that. Amid speculation that Yaya Mayweather had reunited with NBA YoungBoy, Floyd Mayweather’s pregnant daughter confirmed that she’s indeed ‘taken.’

With a little help from her sister and RUN-DMC, IyannaYaya” Mayweather let everyone know that she and NBA YoungBoy, the father of her unborn child, are 100% together. Yaya, 20, joined her 16-year-old sister Jirah Mayweather for a Nov. 18 TikTok video, which featured the iconic “Tricky” as the soundtrack. At the start of the clip, Jirah is listed as “Single” while Yaya is “Taken.” From there, we also see that Yaya is the “chill” one, Jirah likes “athletes,” and Yaya prefers “rappers” – which is obvious, considering whose bun in is her oven.


♬ It’s Tricky – RUN DMC