JoJo Siwa: James Charles Makeover Day Was 'The Scariest Day of My Life'

This was really the scariest day of JoJo Siwa‘s life?! Wow!!!

The YouTube and greater internet sensation opened up more about her memorable makeover from fellow video vlogger and internet superstar James Charles this week. As you’ll recall, the 17-year-old YouTube personality was first given the makeover way back in August, so she’s now had a lot of time to think about how it went, and the aftermath!

Well now, JoJo is opening up all about that big day in a new interview! On Thursday, she sat down with E! News to discuss the event, which proved to be quite the jaw-dropping situation that had Siwa looking AMAZING after it was all over!

JoJo thought as much herself, telling Daily Pop host Carissa Culiner that she though the transformation was “very pretty,” but the teenage video star also admitted to some serious nerves along the way, too! JoJo explained more, saying (below):

“ the scariest day of my life! I was terrified. It was really, really, really, really, fun and it was something really, really, really, really, really different, don’t like different things. I don’t like looking different, I don’t like eating different, I don’t like doing anything different. I don’t like new things, I don’t like different things, I like to stick to the plan. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Ha! Interesting!

She’s right about if things aren’t broke, don’t fix them, but isn’t that the whole fun of a makeover, that you do something totally different and throw caution to the wind?! Just saying!!

Regardless, JoJo told the outlet that if it were up to her, she’d give her next makeover to Lady GaGa, after having done one of her own on Paris Hilton just a few months ago, right after Charles worked his magic on her. Making over GaGa… what pressure! Talk about iconic looks and a lot of thought going into every design and style!

No matter, because JoJo has plenty ahead even besides any more potential future makeovers. For one, she’s got her holiday EP ready to drop! JoJo’s Rockin’ Christmas will be out streaming and in stores soon, and from the sounds of it, she’s really stoked about that for her fans:

“It’s so much fun. We took my favorite Christmas songs and we put a little spin on each of them, to make them either a little more pop and rock.”

Very cute, indeed! Just don’t go fixing Christmas classics that aren’t broken! LOLz!!!

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