Barack Obama Praises Bob Dylan In Surprise Appearance On YouTube Series

Former President Barack Obama made a surprise appearance on William brothers Tim and Fred’s YouTube channel TwinsTheNewTrend, and praised Bob Dylan and explained why he has Dylan’s song on his playlist.

Obama tuned in while the William brothers were discussing his “A Promised Land” playlist that included songs from Dylan, Beyoncé, Sade and Fleetwood Mac among other artists across various genres, during the latest episode of their “First Time” YouTube series.

Responding to the brothers’ poser as to why he chose Dylan’s “The Times They Are a-Changin'” to be in his playlist, Obama said, “I’ve been a Bob Dylan fan for a long time, probably because I’m just older. He was part of that kind of social conscience that was in rock music and later in hip hop music.”

“Whenever you can find some musicians that really have a message about how America might be, how the world might be, that’s something I pay attention to,” the former president added.

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